Where You Can Work As a Locksmith

Different areas of locksmithing you can go into

Contrary to popular belief, locksmithing is such a broad role that can allow you to access a number of different industries.

As a self-employed locksmith, you have the freedom to pick and choose who you will work with. You can opt to work within one field or can hop between many of them. Your personal skills, experience and specialities will determine what areas of locksmithing you are able to go into.

Here are some ideas of specialities you could go into as a locksmith:

Police force

With situations such as break-ins, emergency access or searching, locksmiths can be of great help to the police force. If you choose to go down the route, you could be assisting them to enforce the law.

This can be very fast-paced as it will require you to complete every task with precision and in a timely manner. The perfect candidate for this type of locksmithing will be someone who can keep a clear head in high-pressure situations.

Estate agents

Estate agents often employ the help of locksmiths after finalised house sales. They will ask you to change the locks so that any previous owner who has a set of keys will not be able to access the property once the new owners move in.

If you are someone who can carry out the same task many times while still keeping to a high standard, then you would be a good fit to work alongside estate agents.

Commercial properties

Businesses look for reputable locksmiths in order to successfully secure their commercial properties. These kinds of jobs can include installing advanced electronic security systems and manually entering employee access.

This area of locksmithing is for the people who are not afraid of a big job. There is a lot of responsibility as it could be hundreds of thousands of pounds they are helping to protect.

Emergency cover

If you are comfortable with working unsociable hours and over weekends, bank holidays and other national holidays, then being an emergency locksmith may be the role for you.

You will be the one to help people when they are locked out of their houses in the middle of the night and will be able to fix their problems. This branch of locksmithing can be incredibly rewarding as you are able to directly see the positive effect you have in other people’s lives. They will be grateful and relieved as they may have previously thought there wasn’t anyone out there to help them and they would have to wait until the morning.


Locksmiths that specialise in the area of automobile will often have to have specific knowledge of new technology and specialist tools. You could be helping to reprogramme electronic keys or unlocking complex locks when the owner has lost these keys.

You need a willingness to keep up to date with the latest technology advances and attend any extra training courses necessary to do this aspect of locksmithing.

Locksmithing is a varied job

Once you are up and running as a locksmith, you may be presented with opportunities to work within many of these strands of locksmithing. Just make sure your specific knowledge and skills line up with the requirements as well as being comfortable with the responsibility that is included.